You know how I love to talk about embracing our flaws and using that self-acceptance and humor to help build resilience. Well, today I got to talk about all that and more with my friends at the Wisdom Coalition.

I’ve known co-hosts Nancy Werteen and Kim Howie since my days at SHE! They wrote several terrific features for the magazine and I loved their approach to and passion for helping people find more joy in every day. Poor SHE! got shelved, but Nancy, Kim and I have stayed in touch and recently Nancy dropped me a note to say how much she likes my tagline and YouTube show, Flaws are the New Black. That lead to a few funny and flawed notes back and forth between us, and ultimately to my being interviewed on today’s podcast.

I think you’ll laugh, so I hope you listen. And then I hope you listen to the other interviews they’ve done; they are all so energizing and inspiring that I hope you’ll be inspired to subscribe to their weekly “Well of Wisdom” podcast.

Thanks Nancy and Kim and to all of you, too!


PS Thanks so very much to all of you who watched and shared my first TEDx Talk. I appreciate it and all of your beautiful notes so very much.

PPS Boy, I DO love to talk. But I have a lot to tell you! With Flaws are the New Black growing in popularity, I’m putting together a sassy, stylish line of home and fashion accessories that celebrate our perfect imperfection. Below is just one item in the line. I’d love your thoughts!

Flaws are the New Black mug. Savor your perfect imperfection.