Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl: A Memoir

A laugh-out-loud memoir about a city slicker who discovers that Manolos and manure just don’t mix.

At her husband’s prompting, suburban mom and New York career woman Susan McCorkindale agreed to give up her stressful six-figure job. Together, they headed down south to a 500-acre beef farm, and never looked back. Well, he didn’t look back. She did. A lot.

From playing “spot the religious billboard” on the drive to rural Virginia, to adapting to a world without Starbucks, to planning bright-orange hunter-resistant wardrobes for the kids (“We moved here to get away from the madness of Manhattan only to risk getting popped on our own property”), this is her hilarious account of how a city girl came to love — or at least tolerate — country life.


“[McCorkindale] calls herself counterfeit but she is truly the real thing: witty, startling social commentary in a flawless voice.”
— Laura Collins, Author of Eating with Your Anorexic

“Packed with droll humor.”
— Booklist

“A rollicking, Green Acres-esque Memoir.”
— Working Mother

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500 Acres and No Place to Hide: More Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl

In this heartbreaking and hysterical follow-up to Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl, Susan McCorkindale chronicles the continuously harrowing journey of what happens when you leave the big city for the land of wide-open spaces and four years into it, your husband is diagnosed with cancer.


“Self-deprecating and funny… This second memoir is grounded by the author’s husband’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. Unexpectedly, the book’s mood does not darken after this revelation. Instead, in the same very personal, very honest voice that characterizes her lighter passages, she shares how the ridiculous, the annoying, and the sublime are interwoven against the stark reality of his illness. It is this honesty and her bravery in the face of paralyzing fear that readers will admire.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

“500 Acres and No Place to Hide will just as easily make readers laugh as wipe tears from their eyes.”
— Kirkus Reviews

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