As promised, above is a pic of Roatan. If I haven’t been clear as to exactly where we are, we’re in the Bay Islands in Honduras. It’s pretty, the people are lovely, and the folks we’re sailing with are a lot of fun.

But I’m still looking forward to coming home. Tomorrow. I miss my sons, my bed, warm showers, and my flat iron. Oh, and Tug. I miss Tug. And my nice quiet office where I can think as I write. I apologize for this post. I’m in a restaurant, there’s loud music, the Broncos game, and chatter.

So….yesterday Chris or, as I’ve taken to calling him, Jacques Chris-teau, went scuba diving.


He enjoyed it so much, I got caught up in his excitement and agreed to take a Discover Scuba Diving class this morning. Thank God there are no photos of that. I made it through the training video (even got a 100 on my test!), and the “basics” class in the ocean, but my spectacular claustrophobia stopped me from going out on the big dive. My New Year’s resolution is to be more spontaneous and adventurous, but the starter stuff was enough for me today. Maybe I can take spontaneity one step at a time? Or maybe I’ll just learn to be happy being a Scuba School Drop-out.

Anyway, when Jacques Chris-teau was exploring the deep yesterday, he shot this cool pic of an eagle ray…

eagle ray

and this one of a queen angel fish…

queen angel fish

and this one of Mr. Sea Turtle. So cute.

Sea Turtle

Today we hit the Iguana Farm. We met a really nice taxi driver who took us over to French Harbor and helped us find the place. He even got us calaloo leaves to feed the creepily prehistoric-looking, but sweet, beasts. Of course when they saw the leaves, they charged us. I wish I was braver, but it was like being attacked by tiny dinosaurs and I took off for the hills. Chris hung in there though (the man is scared of nothing), and fed them and I got some really great pictures.  When we load them, I’ll share.

Gotta go. The noise in here is bruising my brain. Love ya’ll!