Here we are in pretty, sunny, really hot Roatan, with its teal green, bathwater warm water, palm trees, bright pink and orange flowers, and two emerald green humming birds buzzing around while I write this. I’ll have to share pictures later as the husband has taken the camera on his first deep sea dive of the day. Sometimes I feel like I married Flipper. He and his fishing pole and spear come in handy, though. Yesterday he caught a gorgeous tuna, then he and Jill whipped it up Bonefish Grill style and served it for dinner. Fantastic.

Speaking of dinner, we’re all taking turns making it and the other night was Chris and my turn. I know, I know. My turn. Ha. Chris cooked (penne, pesto, chicken, huge dollops of Ricotta cheese mushed all around. Heaven.), I made the table look pretty and poured wine, and Don set his camera up on a ten second timer so he could get this picture of all of us.


Quite the crew, no? Let me tell you, we can eat! It’s our turn again tonight, and Chris is, I mean, we are, making burgers and brats, and cornbread and salad. My role is to chill the wine, test it, and test it some more. Roger that!

Just to catch you up, we arrived in Roatan late yesterday. It took us two tries and, ultimately, twelve cold, rainy, choppy hours to go from Placencia to Utila, twelve hours I spent trying not to be sick and reading, reading, reading.  books

Utila, as it turns out, is a pit. Stray dogs, poverty, the opportunity to at any moment be killed by a screaming ATV or moped or teeming garbage truck. It saddened me, made me grateful for my life, and frankly, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. We did happen upon some funny signs. One said “All Americans Must Be Accompanied By An Adult,” and the other, well, hopefully you can read it in the silly picture below.

"Lovely Caskets Are Sold Here Also Cheaper Coffins All With Their Straps"

“Lovely Caskets Are Sold Here Also Cheaper Coffins All With Their Straps

I’m telling you, Utila is a deathtrap. But when you die, no worries. They’ve got big bargains on coffins. And please do get me one with all the straps.

We all felt the same way about Utila, so we sailed to Roatan yesterday afternoon. Like I said, it’s beautiful and I’ll happily show you photos once I steal the camera from Chris (who’s still out doing his Jacques Cousteau thing). I’ve been sitting with Jill and Don and Non-Paul for hours now at Cafe Escondido, so if you ever come to the Bay Islands, please pay them a visit. The sandwiches are delicious, the iced coffee refreshing, and the WiFi plentiful. They’re also really patient and don’t seem to care that we’ve been camped out here since sunrise.

Time to get up, take a stroll, a swim, and do a little  (more) sunbathing. I come home Monday, but I hope to write again tomorrow. I’m going to miss Roatan, my new friends on DragonFly, and my husband. Chris will stay with the boat until it reaches San Blas, Panama, but I need to return early.  Love you, handsome, for figuring out how I could come along for a few days. It hasn’t been easy – I’m an awful sailor and being seasick stinks – but it’s totally been worth it. What an experience.

Until tomorrow then!