Today’s post was written by my brother Nick (above, far left), in memory of our brother David (above, far right). Nick didn’t mean to write a post. It was actually an email to his friends that was so heartbreaking and perfect that I, the evil older sister, couldn’t help myself from sharing.  Thank you Nick, for putting into words what I could not. I love you.


My brother Dave died.

Dave was a great math teacher. His explanations were so clear, so easy to follow–made doing calculus as easy as buttering toast. And he was so patient.

Dave was a brilliant comedienne. Boundless was his ability to make wit of words and ideas, and his jokes came non-stop. How hard he made me laugh, so many, many times.

He was a peaceful, gentle person, my brother. He never got angry. And he lived very simply, not caught up at all with the need to have stuff.

Dave was a loyal son, a thoughtful brother–and a do-anything-and-everything-at-anytime-for-his-kid father. To see him playing with Katy Jean was to see joy.

I loved Dave, I love Dave. I’m going to miss him.

Here is the link to Dave’s obituary.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.