One day a few weeks ago, I was driving along, minding my own business, and one of those tiny, lizard/gecko things crawled up from beneath my windshield wipers and onto my windshield. I admit, it scared the daylights out of me, stuck to my windshield, giving me the lizard/gecko eye. I recovered pretty quickly though and dove for my bag. Or, more accurately, my phone. Of course I should snap pictures while I’m driving! It’s what all mature drivers do. Hey, I wasn’t texting. I was just snapping pictures. Like this one.

He’s cute, no?

I figured he’d move, leap off the windshield or something, but he didn’t. He hung in there staring at me while I drove to the Goodwill donation center, the last of my errands for the day.

See? He’s still there and that’s my Jeep in the reflection. I was parked in front of some pizza place that’s in the same strip mall with the donation center and for a quick sec I wondered if he’d make a good topping. Like anchovies? Tastes just like anchovies! I also wondered if he could help me save 15% on my car insurance but, since he wasn’t green, it was pretty clear he didn’t have that kind of clout.

Anyway, I hopped out, closed the door, and peered at my little passenger. I had two bundles of items to drop off, so I grabbed one and headed to the door of the donation center. I figured he’d be gone when I came back.


I got the other bundle, took it in, and, of course, he was still on my windshield, stuck there like a magnet, when I returned. Little guy, I said, you’ve got to go. And damn if he didn’t take off running. (My New Jersey regionalism to the rescue once again!)

Too bad he wasn’t running away. Instead he was scrambling all over the windshield, sprinting like the Usain Bolt of the reptile world. Could you catch Usain Bolt? Me neither.

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