Best Vacation Ever

Me and my honey on the beach at sunset in Olde Naples, Florida.

I’ve just returned from the best vacation ever. My sweetheart booked us a condo for a week in Olde Naples, Florida, and from the moment we set eyes on the place we fell in love with it. Right now, it’s #1 on our list of places to retire to. Of course we need to return during the busy season and check it out, but I have a feeling it will pass muster and then we’ll be on the hunt for a place of our own!

Below is the Fifth Avenue Beach Club, where we stayed. Our condo was perfect and we were just two blocks from the beach.

And here’s the little chateau we fell in love with…

Maybe we can buy this beauty if Santa brings us a trillion dollars for Christmas!

We fell in love with the shops and restaurants on 5th Avenue.

There are sooooo many restaurants to choose from on 5th Avenue.

And the wine selection, too.

Mmmmm Meiomi Pinot Noir. Such a delicious discovery.

And made some lovely new friends.

Our new friends Cathrine and Eric, owners of Bellini on 5th. Just GREAT food.

And of course we loved the beach. The water was warm, waveless, and filled with all kinds of fish, some of whom jumped out of the water toward us. Yes, I screamed.

Didn’t get any pics of the jumping fish so this will have to suffice!

We loved the palm trees and the lily pads and the incredible flowers we discovered in the Botanical Gardens.

The entire trip was magical and both of us are hoping we can return in March. Fingers crossed. xo

Our new friend Monica took the beach pics for us. I love this one so much.

Thanks for joining me on my walk down memory lane!

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A wet walk

Up early, working away, life’s grand. I get up to take a walk.

My outdoor office.

Slip on socks. Skies open.

Go back to desk. Work. Wait. Rain lessens!

Slip on sneakers. Total downpour.

Go back to desk. Work. Wait. Rain stops!

Rush to park. First lap, light drizzle.

Me and my wet shadow.

Second lap, heavy drizzle.

Third and fourth laps, Suzy might just be as soaked as the sidewalk!

I didn’t melt, though it would be nice if parts of me did!

I was pretty wet, but it was wonderful. Have a happy, rainy day! xoxo

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Fall brings me back to sweating in the stands

Fall brings me back to sweating in the stands at the start of every season of Ridgewood Junior Football. These are not those same stands, but they could be, and I can feel the sweat and see the makeup running off the faces of the moms who sit in them. I’m certain my friends Terry, Lisa, Barb, M.C., Vivian, and Maggie recall those days as well; the season starting in the 90’s and ending with us freezing our choppers off, the sweating heightened and the freezing slightly mitigated for those of us chasing little ones out of the creek and all too frequently off the field during a game (hello, Cuyler!). Those were such great days and they are some of my favorite memories. It was a lifetime ago and yet some days it feels like yesterday.

May the change of season find you “falling” into lovely memories. too!

Susan xo

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Red’s my color

So delish! Discovered it at Claire’s at the Depot.
We were at Davios in Philadelphia when we discovered this to-die-for Malbec.
And we found this incredibly delectable blend at Field and Main. I’m in love with it.

Forever and ever, I’ve talked and written about how much I love Chardonnay, and I do. But lately, red’s have been more my thing. It started at Davios in Philadelphia when Robert and I were there in June for a rugby tournament.

Several months later, we discovered CrossBarn at Claire’s at the Depot. Our main man, Gino, recommended it and, as always, he was on the money. (If you don’t know Gino, stop in some Wednesday night and say hello. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and funny. Just how the perfect bartender should be!)

As for the Kanonkop Kadette, we discovered that this summer when my brother, Nick, was visiting. We took him to Field and Main in Marshall (our favorite spot as it’s where we had our first date) and I read about it on the wine list. It just sounded great, so we ordered a bottle. It blew us away. And now it’s my favorite wine.

Chardonnay, I will always love you. But I’m changing things up a bit for a bit. I’m going red for the foreseeable future and filling my phone with pictures of all the Cabs and Malbecs and blends I find and love – so I can find them online and stock up. 🙂 It’s getting so I have more photos of wine than people on my phone!

Cheers to a great weekend and a glass of your favorite wine!

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