Friends, how’s it going? I hope you’re all hanging in there. I hope that you are stocked up and staying optimistic. And I truly hope that what’s happened to us has not happened to you.

Yes, this is all that remains of the last roll of toilet paper in our house.

I’ve spent my entire life battling IBS with constipation and now that such an affliction would work in my favor, forget it.

Up until this happened, I thought (finally!) being regular rocked. Now I’m like, “Oh, IBS-C, where doth thou be?”

It’s OK though. We’ve got tissues we can use; plenty of them, and that’s not including the handfuls I use to stuff my bra. Of course I’m definitely not dipping into those. When we’re out of Kleenex, (i.e. the readily apparent boxes in the kitchen, TV room, guest room, etc.) we can move on to magazines, newspapers, paper bags, dryer sheets and sales receipts. Sorry, but there’s no way I’m screwing with my cup size for the sake of “down south.”

Even in these uncertain times, a girl’s gotta have her priorities.

In fact, right now it’s more important than ever to hold fast to what matters to us: our kids, significant others, extended family and friends, our work, the organizations we support, our hobbies, and our um, interesting habits…

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. And please don’t tell my sweetheart I’m stockpiling Kleenex. He’s already complaining about the sales receipts.

Susan xo