A few weeks ago, my publicist called to say they’d like to make a video to promote 500 Acres and No Place to Hide. I thought it was a terrific idea and immediately said, sure! I figured they’d tape me reading a chapter or two in a nice, air conditioned book store, surrounded by a group of my good friends, lots of baked brie, crackers, and several chilled bottles of J Lohr chardonnay.

I figured wrong.

On a very beautiful Friday, a camera man came to my house to videotape me doing “farm things.” This unnerved me greatly because, as you well know, I do my best not to do farm things. Sure, I do them. But not willingly. And certainly not with a camera in my face.

Correction: Two cameras in my face.

Award-winning, (and nerve-wrackingly cute), Doug Gritzmacher taped me running around the farm feeding the polo ponies and directing cattle, and the beautiful, talented, (and completely calming) Kimberly Petro caught Doug catching me.

The ponies really liked Doug.

Promo Video Pics 005

And they really would’ve liked to get in the car with Kim.

Promo Video Pics 024

They liked me, too, I think, though it could’ve just been the carrots.

Promo Video Pics 031

As for the cattle, they couldn’t have cared less. (Of course if I’d thought to bring range cubes it would’ve been a whole different bottle of barbecue sauce.)

Promo Video Pics 004

When the video is done, I’ll post it here and on Facebook. I hope you enjoy it, and 500 Acres. Oh, and in case you’re wondering? It was Louboutin’s for the interview and Stuart Weiztman wedges for the farm stuff.  A snapped heel I can’t handle. But a broken ankle? Eh.

Promo Video Pics 019