I won the golden ticket!

A few weeks ago I won the opportunity to give a TED Talk this fall. At the time, the awesome folks at TEDx Tysons told me they’d be in touch to work with me on expanding my talk to 18-minutes in length. In touch when, I wondered. The next day? The day after? The night I won would have been alright with me, but you knew that.

So, type A that I am, I began my own research. As my talk is on The Gift of Grief, I’ve been reading books on grief and watching other TED Talks on the topic. But because I’m also riddled with ADHD and utterly addicted to TED Talks, my research has taken me slightly off topic. At this point I should have a trove of talks on grief, coping with grief, personal growth as a result of grief. But of course I don’t. What I do have is a collection of the funniest talks by the funniest speakers I could ever hope to find, and because I’m a very giving person, I thought I’d share Part I of my research results with you. You can thank me by coming to hear my talk this fall, which I can only hope will be as entertaining as those I’ve shared here.