Just horsin’ around, honest!

And Cuyler doesn’t have a football game.

And it’s finally cold (not that I like the cold, but I hate wishy washy weather).

And Casey doesn’t have to be at work until eleven.

And Stu and I survived his first round of FOLFOX chemo, his first experience with home infusion (with the help of a European-style man purse that clashed with his shoes but that’ll look real good with the Speedo he’s getting from Santa), and his brand new, constant craving for pie.

And I can sit here for a few more minutes, sipping my coffee and watching the sunrise and wondering if any of the cute polo ponies in this picture will let me ride them. Of course it might be safer if I just went back to bed. But hey, I’ve got a free Saturday. Not to mention access to a saddle…