The Grief Keeper is what the lovely folks at TEDxTyons call me in their promo flyer for the event this Saturday, November 9th. (I’m in the morning session for which there are EIGHT whole tickets left. Get one – they’re going fast!)

The Grief Keeper moniker is apt and I can only surmise that it came from my terrific coach, Nicole Jones, who’s worked with me from the 4000+ word mess I started with, to what I believe is a 10-minute talk that can change lives. Does my talk make grieving any easier? No. Grief sucks. But my talk can help you handle it in a whole new way and even use it to do good things in your corner of the Universe.

Zoom in on the above roster of tremendous speakers taking the TEDxTysons stage on Saturday. Each one was hand-picked because of their “idea worth sharing” which is what TED‘s all about.

Sure, the event starts early – eek! 9:30am on Saturday morning. But believe me when I tell you, you might arrive tired, but you’ll most certainly leave inspired.

Hope to see you there!

Susan xo