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I actually used these suckers this morning


This morning, for the first time in a very long time, I  put on my exercise gear (including my cute little camo sneakers) and hit the trail near my house. I contemplated walking to the store to stock up on sugar as yes, it’s time to make more lemonade, but decided against it. So what I had to leave the job I so enjoyed. I’ll find another.

Instead I took my 17 year-old’s advice and speed-walked, sort of, along the path that runs from Claire’s restaurant to, I swear, Secaucus, New Jersey. Honestly, I thought at any moment I was going to see the “Welcome to the Garden State” sign that greets me when I make the drive north to see my mom and dad.

Maybe I walked for an hour, saying “Hi!” and “Enjoy the sunshine!” to strangers walking their dogs, runners, and other semi speed-walkers, or maybe it was a little less. But how long or far I walked isn’t the point. The point is I did it. And I realized how much I missed it.

Walking, working out, was something I used to do every single day and then? It fell by the wayside, nudged, no shoved out to make time for managing personalities and tension and tempers. I spent my days in fight or flight mode, ready to play referee at the drop of a briefcase or a backpack. I gained weight. I got sick frequently. Trying to keep everything on an even keel was killing me. Sometimes I think, “Oh Susan, you just threw in the towel.” But I didn’t. I put it down when it got too heavy and hurt too much to keep holding on to.

I hope the rain will hold off long enough tomorrow morning for me to get another walk in and stop at the store. It’s time for a fresh batch of lemonade to celebrate moving forward with my life.






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Here’s to rising from the rinds


Lately I’ve got a real thing for lemons which I’m pretty certain is because life keeps throwing them at me.

For instance, I bought a lemon-bedecked tablecloth for the kitchen, matching lemon-flecked napkins, and a package of very pretty faux lemons I plopped in a white soup tureen and placed in the center of the table. I added several touches of lemon to my gray and white living room too, and I can even foresee a time not too far in the future when my lemon love will spread through every inch of this place including my seventeen year-old son’s room, which I plan to “decorate” with the strongest lemon-scented air fresheners I can find.

“Go ahead, life,” my growing fondness for the bright yellow fruit seems to be saying, “take your best shot. Bean me right in the kisser. But beware, I make a mean lemonade.”

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Is There Sex Over 50?

Today’s topic is sex. Don’t panic! It’s actually, more specifically, about a dear friend’s journey to becoming a sex pod-caster.  Ok, now you can panic. I’m kidding. It’s not scandalous. It’s hysterical. As is her show, “Our Better Half: Sex Over 50.” In a few weeks she’ll be interviewing me. Am I nervous? A little. I’m not a big one for talking about sex, but I’m game. I figure we’ll laugh our sexy little butts off the entire time and you know me, I’m always up for a good giggle. Particularly if it’s at my expense! And now, without further delay, I am happy as a battery operated device in an adult toy store to introduce writer, blogger, author, and newly minted sex pod-caster, Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh. Read on. Giggle, And click the link to her show. In private, of course!

A Funny Thing, or Two, That Happened on the Way to My Podcast


Being a sex pod-caster, as it turns out, isn’t that sexy but it does raise the heart rate.  For one thing, I have to say the word “sex” out loud a lot, which is not something you hear from middle-age moms all the time. Or at least not THIS middle age mom. When I decided to start a humorous podcast about sex for people in the “Second Half” of life, I thought it might be interesting. But it turns out it’s a bit of welcome scandal.

I may not be having more sex, but I am having a lot more laughs, and at my age that’s not nothing.

I laugh at my kids rolling their eyes. My parents rolled their eyes at my kids rolling theirs: turnabout being fair play.

I laughed when the renowned Dr. Ruth emailed to wish me luck but was too busy with travel to be interviewed. I looked at her Twitter feed and you know what? She is! That 89 year-old is busier than anyone I know of any age. And if that’s what talking about sex does for you, I’m in.

I got a chuckle when my mother-in-law, instead of recoiling when she heard about my “sex over fifty” podcast started sending me neat little clippings from the paper on topics that, shall we say, we don’t usually discuss. I hear I’ve raised her popularity at the hair salon now that she can humble brag about her daughter-in-law’s “dirty radio show.”

It’s hysterical that I’ve bookmarked websites that most people hit “clear cache” for, at my age.

My email spam has gone from do-it-yourself backdoor sheds to… doing things at back doors and in sheds. I have to open my email hunched over the screen if I’m in public. My friends forward me things that make me go “huh?” And then “OH.” And then “MY.”

I’ve said “penis” into the ears of former colleagues who I would be too shy to invite to dinner. I’ve suggested therapeutic orgasms to folks who know how poorly I maintain my lawn.

It’s funny that one of my friends, on hearing me talk on the broadcast about daily orgasms, said that her “better half” would be all too happy to hear it and so she listens to my episodes on one tab with the only visible site being a BBC show on manners. Golf manners, no less.

I was thanked today by a friend for reminding her to do her Kegel exercises. So now my friends think of me fondly when they sneeze.

I cried the first day, but laughed later, about the sexpert who declared me unqualified to ask questions about sex because I had never even taken a field trip to a sex toy shop. I never said I was an expert, or particularly kinky: I’m a journalist. I ask questions. So I’m asking myself: “Why haven’t I ever been to a sex toy shop?” And the answer is: “Why are you hosting a podcast about sex?”

Getting people to be interviewed hasn’t turned out to be too much trouble. Everyone wants to talk about sex. Not their sex lives, of course, but everyone else’s. It’s off microphone, however, that I hear all the good stuff. If only “off the record” meant “record.” Maybe it does!

The best thing about my new gig is the giggling. I giggle about the people I want to interview and with the people I do interview. I giggle as I spend my days editing audiotapes full of words I probably pronounce wrong. I giggle at the particular sotto voce way people talk to me now, and I outright guffaw at the idea of ME doing this. I even giggle when my husband asks when I can find time to practice what I preach! Which isn’t good.

But it would make a great segment for the podcast…

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The same old Suzy, but better!


Welcome to my new, improved, refreshed, and rejuvenated website. The Blog, the most important section of the site, is now right here, on the Home page. Why? So I can better communicate with you, my treasured readers and friends, and you can more easily communicate with me. You’re here, I think, I hope!, because you already enjoy what I usually write about. But I invite you to let me know what you’d like to see more of.

I’d also like to know what you think of my foray into accepting ads. Those I’ve selected, for Kindle products and accessories and books, were picked because they’re things we readers use and can relate to. Much as I love shoes and handbags, big, jangly bracelets, and leopard print anything, ads for such wouldn’t be appropriate. (So that’s why the good Lord created hyperlinks!) But books and book paraphernalia? I can’t stop myself from shopping for that stuff and I’m betting you enjoy it, too.

Going forward you can expect more pieces about mental health (down with stigma!), the bizarre things I worry about (which have everything to do with my own mental health), aging (and why I’m stocking up on scarves), autism, the importance of care giving for caregivers, and maybe even…. dare I say it? Sex. No vulgarity – that’s not my style. Just funny stuff.

So again, welcome. Tool around. And let me know what you think.



P.S. Many, many thanks to the incredibly talented Leanne Wildermuth for putting up with my zillions of emails, questions, and requests during the redesign of this site. My picture appears in the dictionary next to the words “technologically challenged.” Hers appears next to the words “patience of a Saint” and “Design Guru Extraordinaire.”





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