Am I Making a Fool of Myself?

So, whatever you want to do, just do it. Making a fool of yourself is absolutely essential. – Gloria Steinem

Am I making a fool of myself? Since launching my blog in 2006 and sharing every funny, unfunny, silly, sometimes super stupid thought that crossed my mind, I have never once wondered if I was making a fool of myself. In fact, I didn’t care of I was making a fool of myself. When people asked why I shared as openly as I did (and still do), I said, if I’m feeling this way or going through this thing, someone else is, too, and I want them to know they’re not alone.

The point is, I didn’t question what I had to say. And these days I find myself longing for those days.

These days, when I sit down to write or vlog, I find myself wondering if I’ve overstayed my welcome, if it’s asking too much of people like you, who’ve been on this ride with me for so long, to join me for yet another incarnation of myself.

She’s blogging! She’s on YouTube! She’s giving a TED Talk! She’s selling Pure Romance (quick, who needs more Coochy?)! She’s on her ‘special needs‘ soapbox! She’s, she’s, she’s.

I’ve always been a firm believer in second, third, and fourth acts, in pursuing what makes us passionate. But for the first time ever, I’m wondering if I’m making a fool of myself.

Of course by tomorrow or next week, I’ll probably be back to not giving a hoot if I’m embarrassing myself. I’ll be back to my usual position of “I write, say, share what I share because I care.” (And because we all know I can’t help myself.) Thanks for staying on this journey with me, and putting up with the things I ponder.

Love, Susan

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Make The Call

With all the things we can do on our cell phone – send money, create graphics, take pictures, read news, send email and texts, post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – I think we sometimes forget that we can also use it to “make the call.” As in a phone call, to another human being, to say hello, or still on for tonight?, or I miss you, or please, pick up wine!

This particular use of the cell phone is the topic of today’s episode of Flaws Are The New Black. Check it out, and then call someone you love and say, hey, you should subscribe to Susan’s channel!


Susan xo

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TED Talk Research Results, Part I

I won the golden ticket!

A few weeks ago I won the opportunity to give a TED Talk this fall. At the time, the awesome folks at TEDx Tysons told me they’d be in touch to work with me on expanding my talk to 18-minutes in length. In touch when, I wondered. The next day? The day after? The night I won would have been alright with me, but you knew that.

So, type A that I am, I began my own research. As my talk is on The Gift of Grief, I’ve been reading books on grief and watching other TED Talks on the topic. But because I’m also riddled with ADHD and utterly addicted to TED Talks, my research has taken me slightly off topic. At this point I should have a trove of talks on grief, coping with grief, personal growth as a result of grief. But of course I don’t. What I do have is a collection of the funniest talks by the funniest speakers I could ever hope to find, and because I’m a very giving person, I thought I’d share Part I of my research results with you. You can thank me by coming to hear my talk this fall, which I can only hope will be as entertaining as those I’ve shared here.



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Love yourself anyway

Can’t parallel park your car, balance your checkbook, or squeeze into your clothes from last summer? Welcome to the club! Join me for “Loving Yourself Anyway” on this week’s episode of Flaws Are the New Black and please, take a moment to subscribe. Thanks! Susan

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