I’m writing this post from my brother Nick’s enormous desk in Ridgefield, NJ. It’s wonderful to be here with him, and the rest of my family (and lots of friends!) too. Cuy is with me and I’m unsure what we’re enjoying more: having my Mom wait on us hand and foot, or the insanely fast Internet connection. Actually what I may be most enjoying is the proximity to New York City and the fact that in less than two hours, I’ll be there, talking with Joan Hamburg. Joan is known as the Oprah Winfrey of Radio, and that makes me the most grateful counterfeit farm girl on the farm! Any farm. Anywhere!

I’ll be here through the weekend, so maybe I’ll see you. On Saturday (8/6), I’ll be in Ridgewood from 2-4pm signing copies of 500 Acres and No Place to Hide at Book Ends. If you want to see me earlier, I’ll be at Panico that morning getting my hair done! And after that I’m hitting Starbucks. Lord, I love Ridgewood.

On Sunday (8/7), at 3pm, I’ll be at Book Revue in Huntington, Long Island. Come on out and visit me. Bring your best friend, your book club, your spouse (really, guys love the farm funnies, too!). It’s going to be a blast. Hope to see you there!